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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  July 14, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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>> and from all of us here, thanks for watching. tonight on "world news," are they listening? americans express outrage and frustration in front of cameras, sending a message to politicians about squabbling while america and america's credibility are on the line. washshgton watchdog. jon karl finds hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars wasted. lesson from thetape. a little boy disappears. his first time walking home from camp. a new insight for parents about when a child shohod be out alone. healthy living. a big change in what your doctor should be doing for you. dr. richard besser on the secrets of getting the health care you deserve. and, watch out, world. the american girls who took the prize at the biggest, toughest science competition in the world.
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good evening. for the fifth time this week, republicans and democrats were squabbling and arguing about what to do, as the clock keeps ticking down. the august 2nd deadline, when america will default on paying its debts to the world, which would cause a body blow to the american economy. the president said today he knows that people are stressed out by that ticking clock, and across the country, we heard it. so many people saying, this is exactly the reason they're frustrated with the way washington works. and abc's jim avila starts us off. jim? >> reporter: diane, wall street is nervous, and it's even worse on main street. we heard today, the country is watching what their leaders are doing, and, frankly, many feel ashamed. america is in danger of deadbeat status. and americans are not having it. >> i think it's hugely embarrassing and a great black eye to the united states of america. >> the good of the country is being held hostage for the
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interests of a very few. >> reporter: abc news placed soap box cameras and signs with a simple message at locations across the country. a chance for americans to tell washington. >> america's interest is to have this situation solved. we don't want to have amerera shut down. we don't want to have an america that is no longer the leader in the global economy. >> partisanship should stop. i think that people have to stop saying it's a republican fault or democrat fault. >> whether you're far to the right or far to the left, it seems like it's the same shenanigans over and over again. they need to fix whatever it is and let's move forward. >> so i say okay. let's go. where are they? >> but it takes two to tango. and they're not there yes. >> reporter: it is not a proud moment for american politics, as abc news analyst, matthew dowd, who has consulted both republicans and democrats and now sees votering looking for a
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solution and, instead, seeing incompetence. >> basically, the country thinks, washington has become a cesspool of dysfunction. and there seems to be a great inability of anybody to sit down in a room and solve the problems. >> reporter: americans are paying attention, and seem to know what's at stake. a just released gallup poll asked, why do you want this solved? the top three reasons were avoiding economic catastrophe, avoid default on dead and because we have no choice. and few we heard from today felt it's a problem too big to fix. >> make it happen. you are going to effect americans. bread and butter americans. >> reporter: a plea from americans to put aside the politics and find a way to pay the bills, before the nation is publicly humiliated, as a country that just doesn't work. >> all right, jim, thank you. and this afternoon, as you know, the meeting lasted one hour and 19 minutes. so, was anything at all accomplished? abc's jake tapper watched it all at the white house.
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>> reporter: the clock is ticking down. >> and we have no way to give congress more time to solve this problem and we're running out of time. >> reporter: congress, at times, sounds like a playground at recess. >> house majority leader eric cantor showing he shouldn't even be at the table. and republicans agree he shouldn't be at the table. >> leader reid is, i imagine, frustrated, as we all are. and the fact is, we are going to abide by our principles. >> reporter: during yesterday's tense meeting, president obama rejected a call from house republican leader eric cantor to agree to $1.5 trillion in both spending cuts and an increase in the debt ceiling, with another vote on the matter next year. the president said no. "this may bring my presidency down, but i will not yield on this." the president is saying, essentially, he would rather have it default than have to vote on this again next year. that doesn't make any sense. >> he is saying that leaders should lead and we have to do the right thing here. >> reporter: if the debt ceiling is not raised, the
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federal government will default on its debt, while spending far more than it takes in. let's take a look at our books. next month, the government will take in $172 billion in taxes. but it will owe $307 billion. the government will be forced to choose. after paying the interest on our debt, the government could pay for social security, medicare and medicaid. troop salaries and veterans' benefits. homeland security, unemployment insurance, tax refunds, education and the faa. but that means it would not fund the centers for disease control. food stamps. aiaifor the needy. federal housing. energy and highway programs. the fbi. and much, much more. diane, the meeting broke up earlier this evening and the conclusion of this thursday meeting is, there will be no friday meeting. the congressional leaders will go back to see where their members are on this issue. but there is talk about senate leaders coming up with some sort of compromise that will raise the debt ceiling.
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diane? >> well, jake, as we heard, a lot of americans think we're heading off a cliff. thank you, jake. and, we want to tell you now about a tape everyone was watching across the country today. it shows an 8-year-old child before he's abducted. abc's andrea canning on what lessons the tape gives us all. >> reporter: he's accused of an unthinkable crime. and as an angry crowd shouted in the distance, levi aron appeared in court this afternoon, charged with the murder of leiby kletzky. >> i have serious concerns about the defendant's mental state. >> reporter: monday, 8-year-old leiby had asked his parents to let him walk home alone from camp for the first time. just seven short blocks. but the boy took a wrong turn and asked the wrong man n r directions. leiby and his attacker can be seen on this survey lens individu video. >> it defies all logic and i think that's what's really so terribly disturbing about this case.
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>> reporter: leiby's parents felt they were acting safely. they had even practiced the route and were waiting for him. but he never arrived. and now, the tragedy has ignited debate everywhere, talking about when children should be allowed to walk home alone. each year, about 115 children are abducted by strangers. experts say a seemingly safe neighborhood can be an even greater risk. >> the predator picks a place where a child will walk down the street because crime doesn't happen there. perversion happens everywhere. >> reporter: safety expert debra holtzman says every child is different. but 10 to 12 years old is often when children are mature enough to walk alone. >> you want to point out specific people that they can ask for help when they get into trouble, like retailers in the area, and they can go with a mom with kids. >> reporter: holtzman recommends a cell phone or a whistle. traveling with a buddy. and going over tricks a predator may use. >> they may ask, they lost
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their puppy, can you help them, or do they need a ride, or, can they show them how to get a place or a park? >> reporter: practical advice for parents and children to help prevent another tragic ending. andrea canning, abc news, new york. >> and there are more insights and ways to talk to your children on the baseball superstar roger clemens got a break today in his block buster perjury trial. a federal judge in washington declaring it a mistrial, two days into the testimony, saying prosecutors showed the jury inadmissible evidence. clemens was accused of lying to congress about using steroids. there will be a hearing in september, and a decision then on whether to bring another trial. and in our consumer watchdog report tonight, a grass roots movement building against the airlines, and those pesky baggage fees, charged even when they lose your luggage. here's abc's steve osunsami. >> reporter: it didn't take us long to find passengers today
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who paid $25, $50, sometimes $100 for checked bags that failed to meet them at baggage claim. >> why are you paying all this money for nothing? i don't know. i just don't think it's right. >> very customer unfriendly. >> reporter: robin s ss she wants her baggage fees returned. you want your money back? >> yes, i would like my money back. >> reporter: it's not supposed to be this difficult. under new federal rules about to kick in, the airlines are supposed to reimburse passengers for baggage fees if baggage is lost. and pay consequential damages when the luggage is late. but when you read the rules closely, it's pretty clear that the airlines only have to pay when the bags are lost for good. that's a profitable loophole in the rules. little comfort to the owners of the nearly 31 million bags that are misplaced and rerouted every year. we caught up with mike hopkins in tokyo today, on business, and fresh from climbing mt. fuji. when he arrived in japan, his bags were in los angeles. >> i had absolutely no clothes with me. i had no toiletries with me.
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i had no deodorant. it wasn't until i actually did put up an argument that they did give me a voucher. >> reporter: passengers across the globe today telling us, so much for the airlines' new customer service. steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. ananall week long, as you know, we've been bringing you made in america summer. and we can't stop emphasizing, if each of us spent an extra $3.33 on made in ameriri products, we could create 10,000 jobs right now. and as you saw david muir and sharyn alfonsi rallying an entire seattle neighborhood to find some goods made in america they think you will want to have. we heard from hundreds of you about your favorite made in america products and tonight, a kind of champion. dina driscoll, wh of philadelph who, along with her neighbors, dug up some of the best baby
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products made here at home. >> for us buying locally and buying made in america was very important. we really made a connection with great people in our local community here in philadelphia. it makes it a little bit easier when you have someone else to call and say, hey, i need such and such. do you know where i can get it from? >> all of dina's products are online at and send us your videos. tell us other things you and your neighbors think are good submissions. and we'll seseyou right here on "world news." still ahead right here, if you'u' ever had to wait for a doctor, something new on the horizon tonight. jon karl finds hundreds of millions of dollars in wasted taxpayer money. our washington watchdog. and the women taking america to new heights on the soccer field and at the worldwide science fair. woman: saving for our child's college fund was getting expensive. man: yes it was. so to save some money, we taught our 5 year old how to dunk.
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summertime is now a happy time. when we can eat what we want and sleep soundly through the night. prevacid®24hr prevents the acid that causes frequent heartburn, all day, all night. healthy living tonight. news for anyone who has ever been, for instance, kept waiting in the doctor's office. we have word that 13 medical schools around the country are about to institute a significant change. they are going to test future doctors on their aptitude with patients. bedside, officeside manner. and abc's chief health and medical editor dr. richard besser is here with a kind of call to arms about what patients deserve. >> reporter: that's right. i'm a doctor, but i'm also a patient. and i know how tough it can be to ask those questions when you're with your doctor. so, tonight, i'm here to empower you. >> and you have said, you have this right, that doctors do not
5:45 pm
keep you waiting. >> reporter: that's right. you have the right to not be kept waiting by your doctor. and it happens time and time again. one of our producers here was complaining to me about this. and i asked her to show me what she does. but it happens over and over again. occasionally, there's an emergency and that's acceptable. but that should be explained to you and you should receive an apology. >> and you were telling me about a woman who got her doctor to pay her when he kept her waiting? >> reporter: i think thihiis absolutely beautiful. elaine farstad decided her time was worth something. she calculated how much it was worth. she sent a bill to her doctor and collected. so here's what i'm telling you tonight. send your doctor a bill or tell your doctor if you are kept waiting, you're going to find a new doctor. >> and second on your list, and this is tough for absolutely everybody. how you ask for a second opinion in the right way. >> reporter: it's the hardest thing for a patient to do and the most important. so, i took our producer, i said, okay, let me teach you how you go about asking for a second opinion in the right way.
5:46 pm
watch how she did it. jane, unfortunately, you have a ruptured disc in your back and you need to have surgery. >> okay. but i would really feel more comfortable if i could get a second opinion. >> reporter: no problem. is there someone you would like to see or could i recommend a uple people? >> all right. so, key words. i would feel more comfortable. >> reporter: that's right. you know, she did it in a way that didn't make me feel defensive. she acknowledged that i gave her an opinion, but expressed discomfort. and for a doctor, a good doctor, that tells you she's taking charge of her own health and gives us an opportunity to develop a more trusting relationship. >> all right, so, you have to do it. and i want to tell everybody that you are going to come back with two more on your list, and, of course, all of this will be online, a kind of patient's bill of rights from dr. besser. thanks, rich. and coming up, we find hundreds of millions of dollars in wasted taxpayer money. on the watchdog beat tonight. the surprising fact about
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going on. here's abc's jon karl. >> reporter: we took a journey totohe heart of the u.s. mint in philadelphia. down long corridors, into oversized elevators and through doors, lots of doors, for a lesson on how to lose money while making money. it sounds a little bit like las vegas around here, except, the coins never stop coming. this is the presidential dollar coin. they're making them to honor every dead president, but nobody seems to want them. not even the one for rutherford b. hayes. rutherford b. hayes, hot off the press. literally, these coins are still warm. made of manganese brass, they cost 32 cents a pop to make. the mint can make 1.8 million a day. do the math. that's nearly $600,000 a day. because almost nobody uses these things, most go directly into storage. we found a bunch of them 100 miles down the road in a vault.
5:51 pm
here at the federal reserve in baltimore, the coins are packed into plastic bags stacked one on top of each other all the way up and down this aisle. several aisles of them, millions and millions of dollars in presidential coins. and some are in boxes. it turns out there just is not much demand for a president polk dollar. the federal reserve says the coins are piling up so quickly, they are now spending $650,000 to build a new vault in dallas to hold them. shipping the coins there will cost another $3 million. why is all this happening? because back in 2005, congress ordered the mint to make the coins, believing there would be a huge demand from consusurs and collectors. the demand never came, but the coins keep coming and coming. senator jack reed was one of the cosponsors of that bill, but he told us he doesn't even use the dollar coins. do you use these things? do you have any of these things in your pocket?
5:52 pm
>> i don't. i tell you. but i, like everyone else, repeatedly use nickels, dimes,s quarters. >> reporter: senator reed now says congress should consider pulling the plug on the dollar coin. meanwhile, they keep piling up, already more than 1 billion made and counting. and the mint is scheduled to keep making the coins going through all the presidents in order, until the year 2016. by that time, diane, they will have made more than 2 billion $1 coins and almost all of them will be in storage. >> this is like a sci-fi movie, they just keep coming. but $600,000 a day, jon, why isn't one of the firir cuts to cut the debt, trim the debt, this? >> reporter: it's a great question, diane. and the senators tell us that they think that the thing has got to stop or at least be slowed down. they're working with the mint and the federal reserve to see if they can do that. but it may take passing another law, and you may have noticed around here, not many laws are getting passed. >> well, keep us posted on this,
5:53 pm
jon, now that you've reported in. and coming up, american girl power in soccer and science. ♪ [ female announcer ] off! deep woods dry repellent. the protection of off! deep woods with a formula that feels dry, not greasy. off! deep woods dry. keeps bugs off! sc johnson.
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banner w wk for american women. on the soccer field and the international science showdown. proving, to paraphrase annie oakley, anything you can do, they can do betttt. here's abc's sharyn alfonsi. >> reporter: just like that -- >> and there it is! >> reporter: the u.s. women's soccer team has turned goal power -- >> it's a goal! >> reporter: into serious girl power. especially for those of us who grew up rocking their own shin guards. see that little boy? that's actually me. i had no problem blending in, but i was often the only girl on the field. today, more than 1.5 million girls play soccer. but in another field, women are still seriously outnumbered. science. only 12% of engineers today are female. which makes what happened at the google science fair this week so amazing. 7,000 entries from 91 countries. >> i'm sean from st. paul. >> mississippi. >> i'm from south africa. >> reporter: the winners?
5:57 pm
three american girls. >> when i go to school, i'm like an all-american teenager. >> reporter: naomi shah discovered ways to improve indoor air quality for people with asthma. >> i also enjoy violin and piano. >> reporter: lauren hodge, 14, tested whether certain marinades on grilled chicken create harmful carcinogens. >> we're here to see the cattle drive. >> reporter: and 17-year-old shree bose's breakthrough, a protein that could counter the resistance some have to chemotherapy. >> the perception that women can't be compete in since has been ingrained in this field so long. just shows our world is changing and women are stepping forward science and i'm excited to be a small part of that. >> reporter: the future stars of other field, no shin g guards required. sharyn alfonsi, abc news, new york. >> way to go. and we're so glad you were watching tonight. we are always bringing you the news at and don't forget, "nightline" later. their question, what would make a 17-year-old girl sleep for
5:58 pm
weeks at a time? that's "nightline" tonight. and we will see you right back here tomorrow. hope you have a wonderful night. beware next time you park your car. the man who takes your money could be a fake. but this one picked a wrong driver to rip off. >> we ask if you don't want night time parking meters all over the city. >> are you ready to sign this one? >> yes. >> was he lying or misinformed? a movement tonight to
5:59 pm
invalidate a local reform initiative. >> unsolved murder of an oakland restaurant owner and a two-mile stretch of turf going on crime watch. >> return to the bay area of a fallen hero from afghanistan. >> tonight parking lot scuffle outside of our studios could put an end to a rip off targeting drivers throughout the city. good evening, everyone. >> it's a scream that is easy to pull off. after he sue -- you see how it works it will never work on you, again. vick, there is not much to it but it seems effective. >> we're talking about a serial conartist, praying on drivers pulling into lots like this one. this parking lot where he was arrested just yesterday, but chances are he'll be back here soon.


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